Thursday, November 11, 2010

How does your history say "Veteran"?

Some veterans in my family line.... some past, some.. present.  Thank you to all for their service.

Cader Atkins Parker - 25 April 1832- 14 August 1833 in Georgia, USA.
Cader Atkins Parker Jr. - 1861- 21 July 1863 Died in due to wounds sustained from battle of Gettysburg.
Daniel Brady - 7 August 1862- 10 June 1865 Alexis, Monroe, Ohio, USA.
David Thomas Brady - May 1865 USA
Dee Richard Eberhart - 1943-1945 California, USA

Heman Geer Brady - 24 January 1918- 25 August 1919

My brother, Joel Moore - 2001- present US Army

And myself... Kyla Moore - 2005-2008 US Navy.

To ALL veterans past, present and future...

Thank you!


Pamela Barton said...

Wow Kyla! Your post got me to thinking about my own veterans and this is what I came up with:
My father (deceased) was Navy in WWII.
My late father-in-law was British Army during WWII.
My great uncle was British Army.
My late husband was Army Rhodesia (Zimbabwe.
My cousin was a Rear Admiral in the Navy.
My son was Army 1997-2002.

My son was on-call on Veterans Day and my grandson asked him why he had to work on Veterans Day if he was a veteran :) I guess you and I have a lot in common.

Lula N said...

I have several More family members that are military as well I just posted a very small sampling a just kept that small sampling to US military members. Not sure why I went strictly with US military members though...

Thank you for your family member's service!

Professor Feraldi said...

Hi Kyla,

Not too many veterans in my family:

My first husband, Army engineer corps, 1966-1968, served at DaNang, Vietnam

Uncle Columbus, Army Colonel, WWII Polo Officer.

Cousin Norman, US Air Force Attorney (career officer)

Cousin R. Jay, US Air Force Flight Surgeon (career officer)

other various cousins. . . no immediate family in recent wars.

I say bring 'em all home.