Friday, April 2, 2010

WDYTYA Brooke Shields Episode **Spoiler Alert**

I watched this a bit earlier in the evening and wasn't too sure whether I was going to comment on it or not.  I found her tracing of her royal blood not all that interesting.  A lot of people claim to have royal blood, and as it turns out *gasp* they don't.  She, did in fact, have a royal line.

The interesting part was her grandmother.  She had faced tragedy so many times throughout her life.  As Brooke said it best "she never did recover from it".  Her mother died when she was 10 leaving Brooke's grandmother to help her father raise 2 other children.  Her younger brother drowned at age 13.  What a tremendous loss!

I thought it was an OK episode.  Nothing compared to Lisa Kudrow's heart-wrenching story.  But that is the joy of genealogy.  Every family has a story worth telling.  No family is a "boring" family.