Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Vintageness.. ;)

  •  footnoteMaven: When is a photo old? Photo 4 sale on eBay fr my HS era called "vintage." Going to pull the covers over my head! #genealogy #oldphotos  
  • GenealogyBits: @footnoteMaven O.o sorry but that's funny! lol
  • footnoteMaven: @GenealogyBits I'm out looking for #oldphotos of @GenealogyBits. Got any  vintage? 
  • GenealogyBits: @footnoteMaven LOL I'm 24 sooo.. baby pics??
  • footnoteMaven: @GenealogyBits Drat, foiled again!
But here is your "vintage" photo ;)

  I'm the middle one ;)