Sunday, March 28, 2010

Who do you think you are?

In case you're COMPLETELY out of the loop, has teamed up with Lisa Kudrow to bring the popular U.K. show to U.S. It has been airing for the past seven years overseas and show cases popular public figures finding their way in their family tree.
The show has actually come across a bit of criticism.  Genealogy fanatics have ranted on the celebrities history being dug up by professionals, rather than them doing the leg work themselves.  Brooke Shields, who's episode is yet to air, has gotten criticism for her royal roots.
Not all of the stars on U.S. season one have royal descendants.  Sarah Jessica-Parker for example is the descendant of an accused witch in the Salem Witch Trails.  Emmit Smith, who's episode airs tomorrow night, is the descendant of a slave- but his story has a twist as well!
The episode I am most looking forward to is Lisa Kudrow's.  Most of us have found some unsavory information regarding one of our ancestors while researching our roots.  Lisa knew of the history surrounding the time period that her Jewish family lived.  But she wasn't prepared to face it.  I have found things like this in my tree.  Many of us have.  I think to truly understand your roots, you need to take it all in- the good and the bad.
Tune in this Friday (and every Friday) night for Who Do You Think You Are? on NBC at 8/7c.